Fall Fitness Challenge Success Story!

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06 Jan Fall Fitness Challenge Success Story!

As our Fall Fitness Challenge comes to a close, we have been noticing drastic improvements not only in our clients abilities and fitness levels, but also in their health. We decided to reach out to a few clients to ask them exactly what they have gotten from taking flight with us.

One client that we have had the pleasure to work with from the very start is a woman named Kim George. She is one of the most hard-working and dedicated people when it comes to achieving her goals, both on the fitness level and on the personal level. She was kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us on the Fall Fitness Challenge, her goals, and more!

Q.  What are three ways that working out has improved your life? (health, strength, self-esteem, etc.)

  1. Health: In regards to my health, I have been struggling in the past year with extremely high blood pressure. Since coming to Foundry I have had a significant and consistent change in my blood pressure for the better. In fact I believe I will need to have my medication dosage lowered soon. I also injured my shoulder last winter and it was not getting better. In fact, I had been to the doctor because it was getting worse. I started at Foundry a couple of weeks after that doctor’s visit. Since coming to Foundry, I have had significant improvement in my shoulder.
  2. Strength: I feel so much stronger and I am getting better all the time.
  3. Self-esteem: This is a hard one for me, as I struggle with delf-esteem and always have, but more so in the past few years since I have put on so much weight. I was beginning to believe because of my age (57) there was no hope for weight loss or improvement. Since coming to Foundry I am now hopeful that all of the above is not true and I can in fact lose weight and improve my fitness level. I feel so much better and it makes me want to come and workout. I have always worked out but this has been really working for me. I would recommend Foundry to anyone but for woman over fifty struggling to lose weight and get back into shape this is like the fountain of youth.

Q. Has the challenge pushed you to achieve your fitness goals more than if you had not joined?

  1. Yes, the challenge has helped me I am looking forward to seeing how much I have improved over all.

Q. What is your favorite exercise to have in a FLIGHT?

  1. This is a hard one! I have several exercises that I like. What I really like is it is a total body workout no matter what day that you come. One of my biggest struggles with other gyms is they had some great classes but only on certain nights. This did not fit with my work. I travel for my job and I want to be able to get in a great workout when I am not traveling. Foundry works for me. Not to mention, it is so close to home.

At the end of her responses, Kim was nice enough to add in one more line that really touched us all…

“I know you did not ask this question but I love all of the coaches and staff. You are all supportive. While at the same time allowing me to do what I able to do. I am someone who responds so much better to positive and supportive encouragement. Thank you, I hope Foundry will be around for a long time.”


Congratulations to Kim on all of her success since joining Foundry Fitness!


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    Posted at 04:40h, 06 January Reply

    Amazing story cause she is an amazing person.

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