HIIT for Fitness and Health


07 Oct HIIT for Fitness and Health

Hello Fall! As we move towards the holiday season, now is the perfect time to get serious ­about our health and fitness routines. A well-established program will definitely make it easier to follow through with goals when we’re faced with all those fall treats and holiday gatherings! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts at Foundry Fitness Delmar are an excellent way to establish or supplement your routine.

HIIT, once used only by serious athletes to boost their training, is now rightfully making a place for itself in the lives of the more casual athlete looking for a fun and efficient way to work out. However, the benefits of HIIT don’t stop there! Numerous studies show that HIIT can be a better option than a conventional steady-state cardio workout in a multitude of ways. HIIT is described as a type of workout that alternates periods of high intensity activity and periods of less intense activity or active rest. Flight Workouts, Foundry Fitness Delmar’s own HIIT classes, combine strength training, functional movements, and cardio exercises, done in high intensity intervals, to optimize your workout. Imagine a group training session in a high-energy studio environment, with music pumping and coaches who won’t let you give up: after a quick warm-up, you pair up to tackle each station around the studio for 2 intense minutes. You’ll get 30 seconds to grab some water, then you’ll dive right back in to the next two-minute challenge. At the end of your 45-minute Flight, you know you’ve done work – you can already tell that the workout was effective, you’re feeling great, and you’re more energized for the rest of the day. Take a look at all the reasons you should be taking FLIGHT:

It’s time-efficient: Studies show that HIIT is at least as, if not more effective than, steady-state cardio at increasing aerobic capacity and insulin sensitivity (so glucose is processed more effectively) – and it can be done in less than half the time!

Get a balanced workout: HIIT builds endurance while improving cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and mechanical functions. Flight Workouts are designed to work your whole body each time with varied exercises and options to add challenges so that you don’t plateau. At the same time, workouts are modifiable so that each person will be able to work and improve at their own fitness level. The functional training element of the Flight Workout means that you’ll be more than prepared for everyday activities, with increased energy throughout the day.

Burn more fat: HIIT has been shown to be more effective than steady-state cardio for caloric burn and fat loss as you burn more calories both during and after the workout. In addition, lean muscle development leads to better metabolic functioning – which means you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day.

It’s good for your health: Weight-bearing exercises help build and maintain bone mass, which not only makes you stronger but helps to prevent osteoporosis. Strength training is also beneficial for heart health as it increases the flexibility and elasticity of blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure. Plus, HIIT helps to increase “good” cholesterol while decreasing “bad” cholesterol – and, in fact, studies suggest that HIIT programs can be as effective as medication in treating or preventing several chronic health conditions with proper medical supervision.

It keeps you young: HIIT workouts are a great option to help to lower your “fitness age” (a calculation based on exercise, waist measurement, and resting heart rate), which is a much better predictor of longevity than numerical age. In addition, research suggests that HIIT is the most beneficial exercise option for developing and maintaining strength and fitness as we age, especially into the senior years.

It’s fun! (But we already knew that, right?) It’s hard to stick with a routine that doesn’t keep you engaged! It’s a scientifically backed fact that you’re more likely to stick with an engaging HIIT program than a program of steady state cardio or a plan to just “go to the gym”. This may be partly because workouts that incorporate high-intensity intervals are especially effective at boosting endorphin levels – elevating your overall mood while increasing self-esteem and confidence.

What are your health and fitness goals? Whatever they are, given the many benefits of HIIT, chances are Flight Workouts at Foundry Fitness Delmar will help you get there!

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