03 Sep Meet the Beast!

Meet The Beast!
The centerpiece of Foundry Fitness’ studio is the awesome Torque X-Lab Spider-series training apparatus, affectionately known here as the “The Beast”. It’s a multi-purpose fitness platform that, if constructed of timber and iron, wouldn’t seem much out of place at a gladiatorial training barracks or medieval tournament! The Beast is tailored-made for the Foundry’s studio space, and is ideal for our fast-paced H.I.I.T workouts, providing an incredibly versatile and functional focal point for each circuit.


Towering over eight feet tall, The Beast is outfitted with a ball target, two dual-pulley adjustable cable columns, dip and plyo-step stations, accessory trays loaded with kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells, two ground rotational trainers, a ball rebounder, and dozens of anchors for resistance and TRX bands as well as battle-ropes and a heavy bag. It’s ideal for group training and gives the coaches at Foundry Fitness a medium with which to create innumerable workouts.


With all of its configurable components, The Beast is designed to provide the optimal amount of stations in a Flight to maximize the synergistic intensity of a group training session. At the height of a full class, with the music blasting and everyone giving it their all, the Beast is a living, breathing element of the session, given life by the hard work and energy of the participants!

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