Our innovative programs, led by our dynamic team of coaches, are uniquely designed to be challenging for everyone, regardless of fitness level! Due to our small class sizes, our coaches are able to give personal attention to every client throughout each FLIGHT.

Our unique and innovative 45-minute HIIT class, which alternates 2 minutes of high intensity exercise with 30 seconds of active rest in a 7-element circuit. FLIGHTs are focused on functional body movements and strength training elements with a whole-body focus. FLIGHTs include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with a balance of strength and conditioning.

Foundation FLIGHTs are “entry level” or “back to basics” classes that teach the basic fundamental exercises needed for our regular FLIGHTs and X-Press FLIGHTs. Foundation classes beneficial for new clients to help learn the basic movements before jumping right into our regular FLIGHTs. More experienced clients can test their fitness levels and really master these fundamental movements.

Using the Flight format, POWER pairs heavy, explosive or traditional weight training exercises with light-weight, dynamic ones in a low-rep superset. This combination of heavy and light loads, moved at high speeds, enhances the body's ability to recruit large numbers of muscle fibers and activate them quickly; increasing strength, speed and stabilization.

A fast paced, full-body circuit, X-Press is focused on conditioning, increased heart rate, and that sweet, sweet burn! It includes shorter intervals, shorter rest times, and an increased number of exercises. Each station in the circuit combines two exercises, either body weight, TRX, kettlebell or other light weight modality, which are paired together to optimize strength, conditioning and functional movement efficacy.

Our highest intensity aerobic/anaerobic FLIGHT yet! Nitro FLIGHTS are focused on conditioning and elevated heart rate. Nitro includes a calisthenics circuit, a core sequence, and a cardio burst to wrap it all up. Your go-to class for heart rate elevation, intense cardiovascular conditioning, increased metabolism and fat burning.

Our X-Press class format fused with exercises from our Flight and Nitro classes. This energy-packed class is designed to give you the best of all classes for an extreme workout!

Forge is focused on body building and traditional resistance training. This workout will encourage a mind and muscles connection and clients can work on ``problem areas``.